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Cross Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP)

A stable and easy to handle generously sized inflatable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board by Cross Surfboards. Features impact-resistant glued drop-stitch PVC construction with double layered rails. Anti-slip grooved signature Cross foam deck for comfort and grip. 9KG - easy to carry to the water for launching, or transporting in a rucksack. Fin setup: 2 molded fins, plus another for the fin box. 


Length: 10'7   Width: 32"   Thickness: 6" 




1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty on Cross inflatable boards from the date of purchase. This excludes accessories if you purchased the inflatable board package (i.e. paddle and pump). The 1 year warranty covers any abnormal defect in workmanship or materials that occurs within the warranty period. This does not include normal wear and tear or any issues that arise due to negligence. Negligence may include, but is not limited to, damage due to prolonged sun exposure, damage or breakage due to occurrences outside of our control, damage due to salt water corrosion.



  1. Damage or defects caused by impact with any materials or objects (rocks, docks, other boards, etc).

  2. Damage or defects caused by use outside of its intended purpose.

  3. Damage or defects caused by normal wear and tear.

  4. Damage or defects caused by transport, loading, unloading, dropping, or out of water handling. Including marks left by over tightening transport straps.

  5. Damage or defects caused by inappropriate storage in temperatures over 32°C (90°F) and under 0°C (32°F)

  6. Damage or de-lam caused by overheating because of exposure to direct sunlight while not in use.

  7. Damage or defects caused by wave impact and/or impact with ocean/lake floor.

  8. Damage or defects caused by storage of the board in closed, damp conditions (example - wet in the bag).

  9. Boards used in a rental, commercial, or teaching environment. 

  10. Damage to fin or fin box caused by impact to the fin.


Register for Warranty Form here. 




  • Inflatable (SUP) stable and easy to handle 

  • Designed for calm conditions and small surfing.

  • Fin set up 2 plus one fin box

  • Double layered rails

  • Anti-slip grooved signature Cross foam

  • 9KG for easy carrying and transporting

  • Supplied with two side fins & Longboard fin 


Comes in travel backpack including; 

  • 1x SUP board

  • 1x 3 piece Co alloy paddle 

  • 1x Coil Leash with key pocket 

  • 1x Single action pump

  • 1x Repair kit

  • 1x Cross backpack 

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