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Ben Howey

Ben Howey

Name: Ben Howey
Date of Birth: 14/07/1988
Hometown: South Milton, South Devon
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Skindog Surfboards, Gul Wetsuits,  The Crabshell Inn, Voyager Coffee, Dryrobe
Shaper: Ben Skinnner
Local break: Bantham beach
Favorite Break: Rams right, Sri Lanka
Favorite Surfers: Bonga Perkins, Ben Skinner, Harley Ingleby to name but a few!
Other Activities: Tennis, running, cliff walks, BBQing...the list goes on!
Favorite Board: Skindog surfboard Blender model in Thunderbolt technology - one board for all conditions
Favorite Suit: Gul Viper 5/4 in the winter - warmest suit I have ever worn
Why Do You Wear Gul Suits? - You can feel the quality in the craftsmanship used to make these suits.  My Viper is by far the warmest suit I have ever worn. 



I am South Devon born and bred and you will never find me far from the beach.  My brothers taught me to longboard as a child and I have never looked back. I began competing at around 16 years old and have kept at it ever since.  I love travelling to new places and seeking adventure all around the world looking for new waves. My love for the sea and waves doesn’t stop there, as my day job is a PhD researcher in wave energy conversion.


Comp Results: Here’s three that I am most proud of from last year

2018 British Champion
5th 2018 ISA World Longboard Games
4th 2018 WSL European longboard tour