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Windward Hiking Pro Pads & Compression Band

The Windward Hike Pad Pro, five-layer construction gives a more flexible fit.

The Pro Pad Includes:

1. Webbing and Batten Protection: to protect the upper leg from any rubbing or damage to the skin that hiking may cause. 

2. Five Layer Internal Pressure Battens: these spread the load minimising pressure points, helping you hike comfortably for longer. 

3.Super Soft Plush Lining: which prevents chafing to the skin that may be caused by hiking providing extra comfort.

4.Duratex Power Grip: A rubberised 3D print helps the pro pad to grip in position by locking against the super plush lining.Combining to create a pad that will allow you to hike harder for longer!





  • Suitable for all CodeZero hiking enabled Wetsuits

  • Lightweight & Durable

  • C-Lock Grid: Pad grip Fibreglass battens

  • Webbing protected battens

  • Super soft plush lining

  • Seam lock Lycra binding for softer rounded edges

  • Nylon mesh storage bag


  • Made with 15% copper infused super soft fabric

  • Helps relieve muscle stiffness and soreness

  • Stimulates blood flow Anti-bacterial and Anti-odour 

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