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Ecotherm Bamboo Thermal Socks
The Gul Ecotherm Bamboo Evotherm thermal socks have been designed using 80% Eco-therm fabric with nano bamboo charcoal lining, 65% Recycled polyester, 6% spandex, 29% Bamboo, creating an extremely light weight thermal sock great for use in cooler sailing conditions. Quick drying and naturally resistant to mould and bacterial growth which could cause odour and skin irritation. The bamboo lining has derived from Bamboo plants which has been grown 100% naturally, thriving naturally without the use of fertilisers or pesticides, releasing more oxygen in to the earths atmosphere than trees. Making it a 100% sustainable and earth friendly. The Gul Ecotherm Bamboo sock will stay light weight and won't get heavy and damp when wet.

  • Flatlock seam construction

  • 8oz Eco-therm fabric with nano bamboo charcoal lining

  • 65% Recycled polyester, 6% Spandex, 29% bamboo

  • Glideskin ankle seal

  • Protects latex drysuit seals

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Glide Skin
Glide skin seals allows you to slip in and out of your wetsuit with ease and comfort.The flexible rubberised coating means you won’t get painful rubbing around your neck, allowing you to surf all day without irritation.
Neoprene is lapped together and then stitched, this creates a flat, flexible and comfortable seam. Flatlock stitching can be identified by a band of interlocked thread on both sides of the wetsuit, sometimes utilising a coloured thread for visual effect.
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