Andrew Kilfeather

Andrew Kilfeather


Date of birth: 24/04/85 

Hometown: Strandhill  

Stance: Goofy 

Shaper: Paul Smith / Glide 

Local break: Strandhill 

Favourite break: Bundoran 

Favourite surfers/windsurfers: John John Florence   

Favourite trick: Barrels 

Other Activities: Photography 

Music you listen to before events: Listen to a good mix and anything late 80s Joy Division etc 

Favorite board: My 5"2 Fubar by Glide is unreal. Have a 9ft "summit" also which is amazing for nose riding and ride a Rigby 40" Science boogie 

Favorite suit: My blue 5/4/3 team viper suit 

Why do you wear Gul Suits?  Have been wearing Gul suits for over 10 years now and they are so durable even when I am often surfing 3 times a day they still last me a full season every time! They are comfortable, warm and flexible and defiantly live up to the name of "Coldwater specialists"



Hey my names Andrew Kilfeather, I hail from Strandhill on the west coast of Ireland, where our motto is "Strandhill boys never pull out!!!!" Its been an amazing little place to grow up in with every type of wave imaginable in its tiny little bay. Being sandwiched in-between Easky and Bundoran has its advantages also. I started off Bodyboarding around the age of 8 or 9 and got hooked straight away not wanting to progress to stand up like all my mates. After years of competing and clocking up multiple national titles and a European medal, I started to open my eyes to the hectic waves littering the coast! So for a number of years, I wasn't too pushed with contests and began riding shortboards, mals and funky sorts of shapes while saving my bodyboard for the heaving slabs! Nowadays I ride every type of board imaginable, so no matter what the conditions are I always have a suitable craft to ride! I honestly can't say what I prefer riding either, longboarding in the 2ft perfect beach on front of my house is just as good to me as missioning down to Clare to surf 6ft reileys on my lid! I found my competitive streak again and have made the Bodyboard, Open Surf and Longboard finals in all the events on the Irish tour so far this year. So at the moment, I am just having so much fun riding whatever craft suits the conditions!

I set out as a bodyboarder in my younger days and did fairly well competing for years on it! In my 20s I began to mix it up a little and started riding shortboards and longboards while saving the bodyboard for the bigger days or the heavy slabs which we have on the coast! During the winter I would tend to ride the boogie more than a stick, whereas during the summer months I usually ride my logs and shortboards at the beach break and points around Strandhill! I Still enjoy competing these days but don’t take it as seriously as I used to and nowadays tend to do it through all divisions so contests tend to be more of an endurance test than anything else! 



2013: Easkey surf classics opens - Co Sligo Surf Club - 3rd

2013: Easkey surf classics longboard - Co Sligo Surf Club - 3rd


2018: Easkey surf classics longboard - Co Sligo Surf Club - 1st

2018: Easkey surf classics bodyboard - Co Sligo Surf Club - 2nd

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