Ethan 'Doddo' Dodson

Even though I live in Australia I was made in Plymouth, Devon (Eew) where my Dad is from and where my Grandmother still lives. I have been surfing since I was 4 when my parents would chuck me on their longboard. Although I still do many other sports including school level Snowboarding, Basketball and Waterpolo and state level Free Running (“Free G”), Swimming and Athletics, Surfing is the one I laugh and cry over!

Mitch Barraclough

I am an Australian surfer based in Manly. I have been lucky enough to have surfing in my life from a young age and grew up surrounded by people with an enthusiasm for waves, adventure and travel. After competing on the Australasian Junior series from ages 16-20, I pursued a free surfing career, which led to some amazing experiences.

Romain Farthouat

My name is Romain Farthouat, I’m 35 and I grew up in La Salie, South West France.I used to enter a lot of national contests and EPSA events; getting some great results, but that isn’t what drives me to surf. In 2007 I realised my dream, it was to buy a house in Puerto Viejo, just a couple of hundred meters from my favourite wave of all time… Salsa Brava! Times have changed now, I’m a free surfer getting to surf the waves I want.

Barnaby Innes

I am a fourteen years old longboarder from Bude in North Cornwall. I started competing in 2016 and have been loving it ever since. I still have four years left in the under eighteens division, so my goal is to do as well as I can in the English and European competitions before the end of the four years is up.

Luke Embelton

I stood up first time on my Dads Surfboard when I was around 8 years old, I was so stoked and I knew I was gonna do this for the rest of my life. I was a naturally talented surfer. My dad is also a surfer so I think he gave me the gift haha. I did a few comps when I was a teenager but kinda liked doing my own thing.

Alex Townsend

I was born in Oxfordshire but moved to South Africa when I was one year old. I had my first surfing lesson when I was 6. I was hooked right away and won my first national championships in South Africa when I was 7. I loved surfing in South Africa, we used to live some epic waves in a village called Kommetjie and went to the same school as Michael February.

Lewis Stritch

I have been surfing for about ten years now. I first started competing when I was fourteen and got a few good results and ended up being 5th in Britain in the under 18 longboard, then the year after I got 4th and then 3rd. I was also a part of the Cornish surf team and traveled to France and Spain with them which was amazing.

Jack Unsworth

I am 18 years old and from North Devon. I have just returned from Morocco where I won the Euro Junior Longboard title. 2016 was a good year winning not only the European title but also the British and English Junior titles. I also finished 4th on the British Men's tour and 3rd in the British Single Fin division. I am a member of Saunton Hotdoggers Longboard club and regularly participate in club events.

Tina Beresford

Having grown up near Manchester, away from the sea, I made a late entrance into competitive surfing at 28 years old. At first, it was just to help improve my surfing and to learn from the best surfers in Britain. But the competition lifestyle has me hooked and so many experiences have been opened up to me that I never thought were possible for me.

Mark Harris

Growing up in Newquay it's pretty inevitable everyone tries surfing waves on the coast. I tried aged six and like many was hooked! I have fond memories of long summers down Fistral beach surfing nonstop with friends and annoying the lifeguards! I entered my first contest age 10 and really got a buzz from surfing competitively straight away, from there winning every age group at the English and British championships.

Beth Leighfield

I am currently in my first year of uni at St Andrews in Scotland studying Geography, although a bit chillier than Cornwall I am excited to explore the area and find some new fun spots. My aim for the next few years is to travel as much as I can in-between uni and comps (with a road trip around Europe already planned for summer) so I can surf new places and hopefully take my surfing to the next level.

Ben Howey

I am South Devon born and bred and you will never find me far from the beach. My brothers taught me to longboard as a child and I have never looked back. I began competing at around 16 years old and have kept at it ever since. I love travelling to new places and seeking adventure all around the world looking for new waves.