Date of birth:  06/09/1999

Hometown: Newquay, Cornwall

Stance: Goofy

Sponsors: Gul Wetsuits, Fourth Surfboards

Shaper: Luke Hart

Local break: Fistral

Favourite break: Harbour Left

Favourite surfers: Jordy Smith, Egor (Mark Harris), Conner Coffin and Albee Laye

Favourite trick: Layback

Other activities: Working out and training younger surfers

Music you listen to before events:  A bit of everything

Favourite board:  5'11 fourth shorty

Favourite suit: Gul Viper, it keeps me warm in all weathers all year round. is extremely comfortable

Why do you wear Gul Suits?: Because Egor is a surfer that I have looked up to for most of my time as a surfer, and it was a dream of mine to ride for the same team as him one day. Gul's wetsuits are made very well and a lot of time and effort is put into the designing and manufacturing of their suits. But the main reason I wear Gul wetsuits is that they are the warmest suits I have ever had. 



Biography: I have been surfing for 3 years, in those 3 years I feel that my surfing has improved massively. This is due to me surfing with people of a much higher standard than myself, getting a lot of coaching from my trainer Angus Scotney and spending my winters in warm countries training for the competitions in the summer. Training and traveling have pushed me towards my greatest surfing achievement so far. The title of 2017 English champion. And hopefully, there are a lot more titles to come. This is my second year riding for Team Gul, and I could not ask for a more supportive sponsor, I am supplied with the best equipment I could ask for.




1st place English nationals under 18's



19th in England under 18's

5th English nationals under 18's



15th in England under 18s

18th in England under 16s 

Semi Final at the Ripcurl Grom search under 16s, Watergate Bay

Semi Final at the Jesus Surf Classic under 16s, Croyde

Quater Final at Boardmaster under 18s, Fistral Beach


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