Romain Farthouat

Romain Farthouat

Date of birth: 22/08/77

Hometown: Buch

Stance: Regular

Shaper: Rusty Preisendorfer

Local break: La Salie

Favorite break: Salsa Brava, Tropicana, Pascuales, North La Salie, Bluff

Favourite surfers: Dane Reynolds, Carissa Moore, Ronald Brown

Favourite trick: Tube

Other activities: Ping Pong, Fishing

Music you listen to before events:  DAILY JAMAICAN TUNES



My name is Romain Farthouat, I’m 35 and I grew up in La Salie, South West France.I used to enter a lot of national contests and EPSA events; getting some great results, but that isn’t what drives me to surf. In 2007 I realised my dream, it was to buy a house in Puerto Viejo, just a couple of hundred meters from my favourite wave of all time… Salsa Brava! Times have changed now, I’m a free surfer getting to surf the waves I want. I occasionally enter the regional comps and get my shots in the French surf magazines but I share the majority of my media with the world through my blog -

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