Simon Bornhoft

Simon Bornhoft


Date of birth: 21/10/64

Hometown: Birdham, West Sussex

Sponsors: Gul, Starboard, Tushingham, DaKine

Local break: Wittering/Haylin

Favourite break: One Eye

Favourite surfers/windsurfers: Robby Naish, Josh Stone, Golito Estrado

Favourite trick: Any wave riding

Other activities: Biking & SUP

Music you listen to before events:  Heronshaw / Lumineers / Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Peter Gabriel  / St Motel

Favorite Board: Starboard Kode 86L  

Favorite Suit: Vortex in winter / Thermal Rash Top in summer!

Why do you wear Gul Suits?: The warmth, comfort and great fit. I’ve been sponsored by Gul for nearly 30 years! So I guess I just love their suits! 





Simon is an exceptionally talented windsurfer with two world records and numerous national titles to his name. He has been placed in PWA contests and countless races and marathons and impressively won the National Freestyle Championship four times between 1993 and 1997. Simon first joined the Gul team 25 years ago when he first worked for Boards and the relationship really took off in 1986 when Simon set the World Endurance Record.  Since then the affiliation between Gul and Simon has grown and grown.These days Simon’s time is spent traveling the world with WindWise, the company that he founded and now directs. SB Windwise is a windsurf coaching company for which Gul provides the technical kit.The Windwise training courses are held here in Britain and at exotic locations worldwide such as Maui and the British Virgin Islands. Therefore his job takes him all over the world, coaching people of all abilities in some of the most sought-after windsurfing spots on the planet.  Simon’s talents, achievements and continued enthusiasm for windsurfing is a great inspiration for the next generation and he continues to give back to the sport through coaching and passing on his unique skills to up and coming youngsters.As well as coaching, Simon also works with Boards magazine as their Technique Editor, passing his knowledge and experience onto the readers.  In addition to his work with Boards magazine, Simon is an internationally recognised journalist, having written many features and articles on training, fitness and travel.

Simon Bornhoft is one of the most experienced and respected windsurfing coaches in the world. He has been involved in just about every aspect of the windsurfing including - competitions, retail, trade, testing, magazines, travel, fitness, journalism, TV & Olympic commentary and of course the odd bit of coaching! In fact, he’s possibly personally coached more people than just about any other windsurfer on the planet and is dedicated to constantly improving the Windwise Skills Training System and assisting recreational windsurfers to be the best that they can be!



Professional windsurfer / Ex-World Endurance Champion / Ex-100 Mile Record Holder & Ex-National One Design & Freestyle Champion
Produced the Royal Yachting Association National Windsurfing Coaching System.
Boards Magazine Technique Editor, Tester & Contributor (UK) over the last 25 years.
Contributor: Planchemag, Surf a Vela, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Czech Republic & Dutch Windsurf magazines.
Team Rider: Tushingham / Starboard / Gul / Dakine
Demos: National Windsurfing Festival / Student Windsurfing Nationals / London Boat Show / Windsurf Shows
Business coaching for: Ashridge College / Richmond Housing Partnership
Windsurfing commentator for LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES

2001: Consultant and coach for Richard Coopers Round GB Windsurf

1998: Istanbul Indoor Professional Windsurfing Association 10th

1998: Vass Class 2nd

1997: National Freestyle Champion

1997: PWA Dominican World Cup 22nd overall

1997: HI-HO British Virgin Islands Marathon 5th

1996: National Freestyle Champion

1995: National Freestyle Champion

1995: Vass Class Champion Kos

1994: HI-HO British Virgin Islands Marathon 4th

1993: National Freestyle Champion

1991: Mistral National Champion

1991: Mistral Freestyle World Championships 2nd

1991: Mistral World Championships 2nd

1990: World 100 Mile Record 4 hours 45 mins

1989: Round Hayling Record 1 hour 4 mins

1989: Caledonian Challenge Champion

1988: Round Hayling Record 1 hour 8 mins

1986: Clausthaler World Endurance Record 98 hours non-stop


After retiring from competing I have dedicated myself to coaching. We run our Windwise coaching and adventure trips all over the world and have taught literally thousands of windsurfers to improve their skills and get more for being on the water. We seek to help recreational windsurfers become the best they can be!

WINDWISE Skills Training System

“A unique way to guarantee your accelerated progression and a fabulous windsurfing experience. We use our proven Windwise Skills Training System and specific exercises and drills to create a relevant and intuitive learning system to immediately enhance your level and enjoyment of our great sport! We’d love to see you on the water, improve your windsurfing and give you an exceptional windsurfing experience! –

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