Performance Apparel

Technical - Surf



Panels are glued and blindstitched and finished with a 4mm razor thin coloured liquid silicon based urethane. The result being a strong yet flexible seam that is watertight and durable whilst reducing the abrasion to skin. 


Panels are glued and blindstitched. The seam is then sealed using a coloured liquid silicon based urethane which reinforces the seam giving each suit a 100% water seal.


Panels are double glued and then butted together followed by stitching that does not penetrate all the way through the neoprene. Inside the wetsuit, heat welded tape goes over the seams in high stress areas, this further strengthens the seams.


Neoprene is lapped together and then stitched, this creates a flat, flexible and comfortable seam. Flatlock stitching can be identified by a band of interlocked thread on both sides of the wetsuit, sometimes utilising a coloured thread for visual effect.


NEOTAPE Thermo Seam Tape: 4-way stretch, lightweight, durable glideskin interior seam tape creates an even better seal that keeps warmth in and water out. The tape is either gold or black glideskin.


Revo Fit

Revo Fit has been created using innovative pattern cutting technology producing our finest fitting wetsuits. This 3D fit results in a higher level of comfort and has been improved through intensive team rider testing.

Titanium 2

Used in the main body panels of most of our wetsuits. T2 Neoprene acts in a similar way to a survival blanket, and reflects body heat back to the body.


Aero-Comb minimises weight while maximising its internal area, this space allows trapped air to heat up and insulate your core.


Durable, water repellant and anti-abrasive membrane applied to outer nylon. This technology is guaranteed to be harder wearing, absorb less water and contain quick drying properties.


Optimum core wind chill protection by absorbing solar heat and reducing evaporative cooling.


Inner waterproof X-Flex taping fuses seams together for additional reinforcement.

Glide Skin

Glide skin seals allows you to slip in and out of your wetsuit with ease and comfort.The flexible rubberised coating means you won’t get painful rubbing around your neck, allowing you to surf all day without irritation.


Wrist seals to reduce water penetration whilst increasing comfort, creating a snug fit on your wrist minimising flush.

Key Pocket

Streamline lower calf key pocket with drain hole and key loop.


Two thin strips of liquid neoprene sit on the inner wrist forming the perfect seal between skin and suit minimising flush.


Razorsole: razor cut channels increase grip and stability of the sole. Giving your feet maximum freedom.


G-tape: fused seams offer additional reinforcement creating a longer lasting boot.


Recoil: is a 3D print band positioned over the top of the foot.This acts in a similar way to the retinaculum that helps keep your tendons in place, preventing rolling of the foot.

Leash Guard

Leash Guard: has been added to the flexor to prevent annoying leash jams.

H10 Sole

H10: bare foot feel rubber sole is ultra sensitive soft and flexible, but still offers the same outstanding grip expected from a thicker sole


This product is Reversible



RS Flex MK2 is the latest evolution of RS Flex neoprene! Now with over 150% + stretch the Ripstop is 10% lighter, the tighter weaved textile provides less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch.


Highly abrasion resistant triple knit neoprene. Provides high levels of durability combined with excellent stretch characteristics.

RS- Flex

Our latest evolution in neoprene! 150% Textured Stretch Neoprene, 20% lighter 30% less water absorption than X-Flex.


150% stretch neoprene is used in our high performance wetsuits. The latest X-FLEX neoprene is 10% lighter, absorbs less water and has a softer, more comfortable feel.


50% stretch neoprene. Flexible, warm, durable neoprene allowing you to perform for longer.


Highly abrasion resistant Dura-Tex nylons created by applying a resin coating to the outer surface of a double knit nylon. Increases resistance to abrasion by up to 4-5 times.


Four way stretch high specification knee panels designed to resist the most harsh elements while providing maximum flexion and extension of the knee.


Silky smooth, hydrophobic (i.e. doesn’t hold H2O) material. Providing a full body windbreaker in the water. 15% lighter than X-FLEX neoprene

RS- Flex

RS- FLEX- 150% Textured Stretch Neoprene, 20% lighter 30% less water Obsorption in your boot.

Wetsuit Entry System


This horizontal bib front entry system contains a micro blackout low profile waterproof chest zip.The Glideskin seals and the concealed bungee cord keeps water out. Eradicating the back zip gives extra stretch to the back of the suit. A snaplock ensures that the zip pull stays in place.


This diagonal zip entry system, has a single sided opening reducing flush. The Glideskin seal and bungee cord / barrel lock keeps more water out. A snap lock ensures that the zip pull stays in place.


Internal barrier shield prevents water penetration whilst increasing insulation and maintaining the wetsuits flexibility.


This easy entry back zip system contains a blackout waterproof zip. The zip is concealed by a unique twin flap smoothskin seal creating a flush barrier without the bulk of the UBS system.



Introducing Bolt Dry X, Guls’ exclusive fastest drying neoprene yet. The ultra quick-dry core wicks water away from the skin creating a cushion of air between the body and suit, giving ultimate insulation and warmth. Now with even more stretch.


Magma Air-Insulation thermal inner lining is super soft, 20% Lighter and has 30% less water absorption than Thermal X-Flex resulting in the warmest, lightest and fastest drying material available in the Gul line up.


Introducing BOLT DRY,Guls’ exclusive fastest drying neoprene yet. The ultra quick dry core wicks water away from the skin creating a cushion of air between the body and suit, giving ultimate insulation and warmth.


Engineered by our scientists so that your core body temperature locks in the heat. By wicking away your body moisture the lightweight thermal insulation traps warm air all around you. Keeping your core body warm helping blood to pump around your body creating your own central heating system.

X-Flex Thermal

X-Flex Thermal- combines the performance of X-Flex neoprene with lightweight thermal insulating lining Thermospan.The benefits of combining these technologies create a 10% lighter wetsuit with increase thermal properties.