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Warranty Registration

 We provide a Warranty on Gul Wetsuits.

  1. The Warranty
  2. Wetsuit Care
  3. Using Warranty


The Warranty

Our warranties only apply to Wetsuits purchased from authorised Gul retailers (with original purchase receipt from an authorised retailer). Without limitation to this, our warranties do not apply to products purchased from non-authorised online retailers, for example eBay or similar auction sites as we have no certainty as to where such products are sourced and how they have been treated.

  • 12 month warranty on all stitching
  • 12 month warranty on materials

Not covered by warranty:

  • Damage caused by anything other than defects in materials or workmanship.
  • Use in commercial, rental, teaching or instructional programs or activities.
  • Damage caused by extended or excessive exposure to sunlight, improper handling or storage, or failure to follow care instruction provided with this product.
  • This product when classified as being second-hand or it is being sold as a product with existing defects.
  • Fit issues that arise after the wetsuit has been used.
  • Normal wear and tear, including scratches and fading.
  • Wetsuits repaired by other repair service.


Our wetsuit warranty does not cover upgrading your older Gul wetsuit to a current model. We are continuously improving our designs and materials, but that doesn’t make your existing wetsuit unsatisfactory. It just means that the next one you buy will be even better than the last. 

To ensure you're covered by the best guarantee in the business, please make sure you keep your proof of purchase in a safe place.


Wetsuit Care


  • Sun and UV rays damage neoprene. Ensure you hang your wetsuit in the shade to dry (out of direct sunlight).
  • After every surf, rinse your wetsuit and zip in fresh water.
  • Do not dry your wetsuit hanging from the shoulders. 


Using Warranty

 To have your wetsuit repaired or assessed:

  1. Please register online using Gul’s Warranty Registration form below, or send registered post to Gul Watersports, Stadium House, Unit 1 Aspen Way Paignton, Devon, United Kingdom, TQ4 7QR or go back to your local Gul dealer, they'll send your suit to a Gul service centre.
  2. Include all of your contact details, importantly both phone and email address.
  3. A brief description about what you would like looked at.
  4. A copy of the proof of purchase and any previous job numbers if it’s been repaired before.
  5. When returning a wetsuit, please pack appropriately to prevent damage. Returning in the initial delivery box is the best option - don't scrunch it up, roll it up if you have to!
  6. Your wetsuit will be returned to you as quickly as possible free of charge (if covered under warranty).



Gul products carry a limited one-year warranty (from date of original purchase) on workmanship and materials. Warranty is subject to fair wear and tear, and valid to the original purchaser only. Our liability extends to material, labour and return delivery to the customer. Under the above guideline, Gul will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, your product if found, under normal use and proper care, to be defective. The decision to replace or repair a product is made by the Gul Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. Any warranty claims should be returned via the retailer from whom they were originally purchased. Products without the original receipt will not be covered under this warranty.


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